The Truman Show Viewing for the Week of June 17-23
Cinemanaut Ty
Posted Jun 25, 2012
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WHEN: June 23rd, 9:55 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 8

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: I feel kinda content but sleepy at the start of this.

FLAVOR ENHANCER: Water, though I do not think it actually has a flavor.


  • When Christof says that people leave Truman on all night for “comfort,” I have to call bullshit. White noise would be more apt. I know there are some times where I am more tired when something is on.
  • I might have actually just had a hallucination. I think I saw Marlon’s mouth move before it did. Like a weird time distortion… fuck.
  • All of the sound effects for when Truman picks up the sky lamp were added in post. Nothing is moving to produce the noises of glass shifting about.
  • For some reason this movie looks almost like I have not watched it once a week for a while. I think that is because I had an early viewing followed by a late viewing.
  • Truman’s dad is wearing a very similar ring during the flashback of his drowning to the one Truman wears when he is an adult.
  • I laid down at the part when Meryl talks about having a baby.
  • I think that the security guard that talks about not watching Truman bone has a thing for Meryl. Later in the movie we see a calender with Truman’s face on it all drawn on.
  • What kind of salon does Truman’s mother go to where she would see people who looked like her husband?
  • I wonder if anyone has watched The Truman Show because of me this year?
  • There is no way Sylvia’s shirt still smells like her.
  • No fucking way at all.
  • I know this for a fact.
  • Do not ask how.
  • OK, I only know how because something similar just happened to me.
  • No, I did not have someone disappear when I was in college only to think about her again when I am in my thirties.
  • I am only 25.
  • I recently entered into a relationship that is long distance.
  • Coast-to-coast long distance.
  • I also had a girl try to dance with me very forcefully when I was at a┬ákaraoke night.
  • It took a while to get it through that I had a girlfriend.
  • I think she wanted to do more than dancing.
  • God, I am tired.
  • This is the part where Lauren/Sylvia and Truman actually get to talk.
  • I hate this part.
  • I hate this whole movie, though.
  • I do not think I am hallucinating any more.
  • It was a one-time thing.
  • I am still laying down.
  • I am typing all of this in bed.
  • Sylvia does not really put up that much of a fight when she gets into the car.
  • Her “dad” looks like the superintendent of a school.
  • That picture looks nothing like Sylvia. Truman would have better luck drawing her with his feet.
  • The radio bit bugs me every week.
  • I think I have a sore throat.
  • Truman looks weird going through the revolving door.
  • It is just weird to me this time, I have no idea why.
  • Who wears a striped sweater vest? A horizontal striped sweater vest at that?
  • Yup, the throat is a little sore.
  • Man, there is a lot of this movie left.
  • The guy in the red pinstriped suit always reminds me of a Nazi from Indiana Jones.
  • I stopped thinking about Truman and the Magneto Joke I used to make when he almost gets hit by the bus.
  • Now I keep wanting him to just get flattened.
  • I know that will never happen, though.
  • Sometimes, during the part of the movie when Truman gets kicked out of that building I want the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2 to play Christof.
  • Trumanatic Immunity!
  • The candy bars are wrong.
  • They differ between shots.
  • Marlon does not have any candy bars when he leaves the shop Truman meets him in.
  • He must have left them on the floor.
  • They are free now.
  • No one likes looking through photos, or being forced to, for that matter.
  • Someone could enjoy looking through them.
  • I have on occasion.
  • Golden Oldies is a bad show.
  • Uncle Bunny is okay, though.
  • It was not a sweater vest, but a full sweater. Under a blazer, on top of a button-up and a tie.
  • Who the FUCK dresses Truman?
  • They should be taken out behind a radioactive waste disposal site and shot.
  • Or at least fired from wardrobe.
  • IF Truman dresses himself… waste disposal site.
  • Pajamas and a blazer on a bike… Hipsters, I give you your GOD.
  • Amputations are horrible things to watch and Truman seems fascinated by it.
  • Truman must have went home to go to the travel agency.
  • I want all of the posters in the travel agency.
  • The interstate bus does not look comfortable.
  • We still do no know if Truman is lying about the dent in the VW Beetle.
  • My phone just vibrated, something happened on Facebook. Fuck checking that, though.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.
  • Truman drives like a guy who does not drive often.
  • Meryl is a bad driver.
  • She swerves way too much.
  • Driving through fire would be an event.
  • Sirens mean good things.
  • This good thing is a meltdown.
  • If it was a real nuclear plant, the movie would not happen and I would be happy.
  • Truman says his own name once through the whole movie, I think.
  • If they Hunger Games-ed this movie set it would also make me happy.
  • Meryl does not know when to turn off her advertisement part of her brain.
  • The only person more annoying than Truman Burbank is that Justina Beirber shit.
  • If they ever remake this movie, he should be in it.
  • If only to increase the amount of things wrong with this movie.
  • The fact that Meryl goes from panicked to singsong playful happy about not calling out for help makes her seem crazy.
  • You know, if we did not know she was an actress playing the part of a guy’s wife…
  • I want to know how long the unfinished bridge that Truman and Marlon hang out on has been unfinished.
  • If the test papers for Truman and Marlon were identical, why are they not both in Candy or Insurance?
  • Candy Insurance?
  • Best business I just came up with this moment ever.
  • I just got kinda very tired.
  • The Truman Dome– sorry, Omnicamechosphere– is so fucking fake in its CGI.
  • It could spawn a debate about CGI monkeys fucking up a helicopter.
  • Or not.
  • There are not monkeys in this movie.
  • The only animals in the movie are three different dogs.
  • The guy who is interviewing Christof was the guy from the ’90s Godzilla movie.
  • The one that wanted to sleep with that guy’s girlfriend.
  • The news girl.
  • And the worm guy’s girlfriend.
  • Or ex.
  • It has been a while.
  • The show is bringing in a lot of revenue, but revenue is not profit.
  • Executives only want profit.
  • Why is this show still on?
  • Sylvia just called Christof.
  • She is wearing a onesie pajama set?
  • No, it has a top and bottom.
  • It is just ugly.
  • When did I start caring about clothing so much?
  • Did the movie do this to me?
  • I hope not.
  • Or I hope so, then I could blame this movie for something.
  • It really has not had any effect on my life so far this year.
  • And we are halfway through.
  • If Christof wants TV to have an on-air conception, why does he not show Truman and Meryl having sex?
  • That is like saying you want to win the Super Bowl, then taking up tennis.
  • Tennis does not have the Super Bowl.
  • I feel like I have to explain that to everyone who does not follow sports.
  • Because they are all defective.
  • There is a fucking cat in the background of the control room at the last Truman Mirror scene.
  • Fuck me, I never noticed that.
  • Do not actually fuck me, I would not like that, and my girlfriend would get angry.
  • I never want to make her angry.
  • She has a very effective Death Glare.
  • Pluto jumps on Truman.
  • I think she, in fact, killed a guy with her Death Glare once.
  • That is a joke.
  • I hope she does not read that.
  • If my best friend came over with a six-pack at three in the morning, I would beat the shit out of them.
  • Unless they had a traumatic experience and needed to talk.
  • If it was just for fun, nope.
  • Shit beaten out of them.
  • No more shit.
  • The fact the moon is a spotlight is unsettling.
  • Pluto looks like he would maul Truman when he finds him.
  • That cell phone looks funny now. A TV executive has one.
  • Christof still looks like a turtle.
  • I am sure plenty of actors can drive boats.
  • If you are born in front of a live audience, you can die in front of a live audience.
  • That the fucks this movie is almost over. [???]
  • I am thirsty.
  • I just want to get a new drink.
  • I have drank all of the water I started the movie with.
  • My throat is still sore.
  • Truman ruined the Drunken Sailor song for me.
  • A band called The Pubcrawlers did a great version of it.
  • Ruined forever now.
  • The boat should not have self-righted.
  • Boats do no work like that.
  • Wooden sailboats especially.
  • So if this is a sailboat, and it is shown that the control room can direct the wind, why do they give Truman enough wind to sail into the side of the dome?
  • Aww man, it looks like he is walking on water, and that lion gets resurrected after sacrificing himself. How more heavy-handed can you get?
  • Truman leaves, fuck this movie, I am out.


I ended up auto-writing things that came to me… What more can I say? I think I have exhausted all of the thoughts I could have had while watching this movie that I am not fond of. I might have been fond of it once, at the start.

Of course, I just realized how terrifying this might be to see what exactly I might be thinking. I am reading over this the day after writing them all down. Lion?

Truman? Jesus? Liam Neeson?

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